Scality Announces General Availability of RING 5.0

Scality today announced the general availability of version 5.0 of its RING software to include key new features that enable fast and simplified installation, UI driven configuration and provisioning, expanded use case and application workload coverage with significant performance increases, as well as additional client connectivity and RING deployment options for Microsoft Windows and Linux clients. Read More

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New And Bigger 2015 (aka NAB)

100x the amount of raw footage per production. 13 to 26 episodes online at the same time (e.g. House of Cards). 2.5 billion video-ready smartphones and growing. I don't even have to say anything about growing video resolutions (4K, 6K, 8K) and it's already clear that I'm talking about the New And Bigger Show!

Recognizing the Layers of Critical Insight Data Offers

At a CrowdChat a few weeks ago, a number of us started talking about server-based storage, big data, etc, and the topic developed into a forum on data and its inherent qualities. The discussion led us to realize that data actually has a number of attributes that define it – similar to how a vector has both a direction and magnitude.

Proud to be the 2014 IDC MarketScape leader

The MarketScape on Object-Based Storage evaluates vendors from a product, go-to-market, and business perspective, including their strategies and existing capabilities. Scality has been in the Leaders segment since the inception of the MarketScape, and has now moved into lead position.

The Scality RING is software-defined storage that solves petabyte-scale challenges like performance, growth, and uptime with software-based technology that runs on standard x86 servers. Enterprises and service providers can now deploy multi-workload and multi-application storage with the economics of the cloud.

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